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The web is an ever-changing entity and to stand out you need to take advantage of all the innovation.


The strategy behind how your company communicates its message dictates how your audience will perceive you.

Print Design

If you want to make a strong impressionin meeting, you'll need an arsenal of printed collateral to back you up.


It’s absolutely essential to captivate your audience with engaging and explosive copy (or written content).

About Us

Makarska EStudio brings the strength of business expertise, designs that communicate, and leading edge technical skills to your promote your business. Our full range of integrated design services effectively helps your business stand out from the competition and generate results.


Makarska EStudio do so by employing a three-part approach:

Intrigue + Inform + Inspire = Results

{ intrigue }

In today’s highly-competitive market, customers are continually blitzed by adamant advertising messages. A successful campaign has the ability to captivate someone long enough to engage their curiosity. Makarska EStudio creates bold visual strategies that attack this brief moment of customer captivation, paralyze them with curiosity, and demand their attention.


We believe your company is irresistible to swarms of potential customers. Our objective is to pinpoint your unique qualities and use them to arouse the inherent interest of your target clients. Makarska EStudio will work to educate your audience about your unrivaled product, service, mission, employees, history, location, and philosophy.


Makarska EStudio aims to transform your audience into your customers. After effectively engaging your potential customer, they are left with the decision of choosing you or your competition. Our strategies will eliminate this option and brand your company as the only clear choice. We design explosive marketing collateral that drives consumers to take action.

Featured Projects

The project below will help you to understand how Makarska EStudio can increase sales opportunities through strategic marketing, targeted branding, and innovative advertising.

Makarska EStudio offers complete marketing, advertising, and graphic design solution that includes strategic marketing solutions, illustration, copywriting, photography, integrated marketing, public relations, and graphic design services. We do more than marketing, strategic planning and creative graphic design. We help companies focus on what they do best — their core business!

Our Services

We create and implement values-based marketing and graphic design, promote word-of-mouth buzz and attract your most profitable customers – on budget and on time.

We do everything which help the organization to build awareness by way of Drive Traffic, Generate Leads, Provide Valuable Content, Make Sales, Earn Loyalty, Managing Brand. We also create laser-focused online marketing strategies, custom apps, and automated solutions for social media engagement and reputation management.

Print Design

If you want to make a strong impression at your next face-to-face meeting, you'll need an arsenal of printed collateral to back you up. Whether it's postcards, billboards, product packaging or whatever else, our designers can make your business or product look amazing. We would love to help showcase your unique message in the most effective, creative way.
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Logos Design

Your logo is the cornerstone of your company's identity. It has the capability of sending a strong message that echoes your company’s mission. The ideal logo is simple, bold, and timeless. Makarska EStudio ensures that your logo will communicate the service you provide in an innovative, captivating way.
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The strategy behind how your company communicates its message dictates how your audience will perceive you. You have the control to position your company as the best, the classiest, the first, the most valuable, or the most qualified in your field. Makarska EStudio will bring focus to the unique qualities that help your business stand out amongst your competition. We have encountered countless brand strategies and, through vast experience, we can create a logo, tagline, identity package, and domain name that promote the evolution of your company.
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Web Design

The web is an ever-changing entity and to stand out you need to take advantage of all the innovation. We've made it part of our lifestyle to find all the latest tools to create the most unique, yet useful experience possible for your users. With us, you'll never look out of date. We offer a complete suite of website services including design, maintenance and hosting. We work with you to determine how web-based technologies can best be applied to meet your specific needs and goals by developing quality websites in an efficient, cost-effective manner.
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We are a cutting edge web marketing agency that thrives in today’s ever changing internet environment. Our team includes online strategists, designers, content writers, and technical professionals with extensive marketing experience to help you dominate your competition online and drive more customers straight to your door, ready to make a purchase.

Our team are passionate and experienced digital marketers influenced by a growing and thriving digital economy. Our team is constantly looking for people who want to help others stay relevant in a constantly changing digital landscape.

Our team have great network connections to major Global sub affiliate platforms, therefore we understand the importance of localisation and challenges associated with entering new markets.

Efren Ratke

Creative Director

Taya Breitenberg

Business Development

Jon Becker

Interactive Guru

Callie Beatty

Art Director

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We try to create an understanding atmosphere through our blog section. This will help you to understand us better and in turn we will understand you as well. By devoting time to understanding you, we create marketing strategies that meet your needs. By devoting time to understanding your audience, we achieve results.

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